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King Of The World

This video is a compilation of mobile device footage shot by our fans during a live performance at King Avenue 5.

Featuring the hard hitting Steven Day Carter on drums and the talented Dan Nicol on bass guitar.



Fight was shot by camera legend Kevin Myers around downtown LA before the new bridge was built. It was hot and gritty.

This track features the following musicians:
Don Argento - guitars and vocals
Steven Day Carter - drums and percussion
Dan Nicol - bass guitar


Livin' The Dream

This was shot in and around LA - Sunset Strip, Hollywood Hills, Mulholland Drive and Malibu. Filmed, edited, and directed by Kevin Myers.

The recording features the loveley and talented Ms. Alie Joyner on fiddle, Steve Carter on drums, and Deane Arnold on bass, acoustic guitar, organ, and killer backing vocals that would make Sir Elton proud. The fantatstic piano playing is the work of Pete Tender.


Every Day

This video was shot around Columbus, Ohio in the mid-90s. Some of the notable locations were the old (abandoned at the time) Smith Bros. Hardware building downtown; High Street; and the rooftop of OSU's Fawcett Center. This vdeo won a Cable Access Award, and was in heavy rotation for over a year.

Featuring Steve Carter on drums and Ed Allen on bass. Filmed and edited by Kevin Myers.


Too Slow

Filmed in the early 90s, this video features one of closest friends, Ty Payne. He's the driver of the car with the serious mutton chops and long hair. We shot this video rolling through the countryside from my hometown of Centerburg, Ohio up to Mt. Vernon.

Featuring Sam Hooff on drums and Ed Allen on bass. Filmed and edited by Kevin Myers.



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